#37 - Modernizing Vitamin and Mineral Inclusion for Beef Cattle, Dr. Stephanie Hansen

beef podcast Aug 09, 2023

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With advances in genetics and livestock practices, the beef industry has evolved over the years. However, current references for vitamin and mineral inclusion are outdated, failing to address the animals' modern needs. Our guest (and also our co-host!), Dr. Stephanie Hansen, a prominent researcher and professor in feedlot nutrition at Iowa State University, focuses on optimizing growth and stress resilience in cattle. Dr. Hansen's research has revealed interesting links between beta-agonists like ractopamine hydrochloride and reduced external fat in cattle, benefiting both the industry's economic viability and sustainability. These findings emphasize the importance of up-to-date research to meet the changing demands of livestock production.


What you’ll learn:

1. Discussing teaching and research 

2. Research on beta agonists

3. The economic and environmental benefits of ractopamine

4. Feed efficiency and sustainability 

5.The difference between classes of beta agonists

6. Travel experiences and interests


Meet the guest

Dr. Stephanie Hansen


     ○ Current: Full Professor at the Iowa State University

     ○ Past: Associate Professor at the Iowa State University


     ○ Ph.D. Nutrition (the North Carolina State University)

     ○ M.Sc. Nutrition (the North Carolina State University)

     ○ B.Sc. (the Iowa State University)

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