#39 - Feeding the Future: Forage Research and Beef Industry Sustainability, Jeff Semler

beef podcast Aug 23, 2023

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Extension programs are essential for the beef industry, ensuring accessibility to  the latest research and best practices in forage management. By promoting efficient forage use and sustainable grazing, these services bolster the beef sector’s growth, productivity, and resilience. In this episode, Jeff Semler, M.Sc., a distinguished University of Maryland Extension Educator, delves into captivating forage research. He shares insights about  optimizing forage production under traditional and organic settings, unveiling their impact on beef output. Discover Semler's role in knowledge transfer and advocating for sustainable agriculture. 


What you’ll learn:

1. Changing extension over 35 years

2. Transition to the challenges in farming

3. A conversation about the forage base for cattle

4. The effect of technological changes


Meet the guest

Jeff Semler, M.Sc.


     ○ Current: Extension Educator at the University of Maryland Extension


     ○ M.Sc. in Animal Sciences (University of Connecticut)

     ○ B.Sc. in Animal Science (West Virginia University)

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