#40 - Small Changes, Big Impact: Sustainability in Beef Cattle Production, Dr. Jacquelyn Prestegaard-Wilson

beef podcast Aug 30, 2023

Hello there,

Sustainability in beef cattle production has become a vital concept addressing long-term environmental, societal, and economic welfare. As global demand for high-quality protein rises, balancing it with responsible resource management is paramount. In this episode, we engage in an insightful conversation with Dr. Jacquelyn Prestegaard-Wilson, an assistant professor and livestock sustainability specialist at Texas A&M University. She highlights practical strategies for beef producers, including grazing management and forage analysis, while addressing regional challenges. Dr. Prestegaard-Wilson underscores the impact of empathy and connection in sharing beef's sustainability narrative, emphasizing active listening and open conversations to bridge the gap between producers and consumers.


What you’ll learn:

1. Settling in Texas: challenges and opportunities

2. Strategies for sustaining operations

3. Contemplating the modern definition of sustainability and past progress

4. Sustainability challenge for producers

5. The importance of extension program for sustainability


Meet the guest

Dr. Jacquelyn Prestegaard-Wilson


     ○ Current: Assistant Professor at the Texas A&M University

     ○ Past: Postdoctoral Data Research Intern in Select Sires Inc.


     ○ Ph.D. in Dairy Cattle Nutrition (Virginia Tech)

     ○ M.Sc. in Ruminant Nutrition (University of Missouri-Columbia)

     ○ B.Sc. in Animal Science (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

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