#41 - The Triad of Success: Comfort, Productivity, and Health in Cattle, Dr. A. J. Tarpoff

beef podcast Sep 06, 2023

The management of cattle heat stress has emerged as a critical concern, demanding innovative solutions to ensure the well-being of livestock and the quality of beef products. In this episode, I talk with Dr. A. J. Tarpoff about the challenges and advancements related to cattle heat stress management and the recent innovations in feedlot practices, emphasizing weather monitoring, adaptable managing practices, heat stress mitigation strategies, and enhancing existing feedlot practices. With a firm belief in striving for the comfort, productivity, and health of cattle, A.J. highlights the interconnectivity of those factors in securing the quality of beef products, thereby ensuring a resilient and sustainable future.


What you’ll learn:

1. Choosing veterinary practice for the beef business

2. Practice and experience with import and export duties in Canada

3. Mitigating the impacts of weather on cattle

4. Importance of water 

5. Managing heat stress in cattle

6. The impact of simple changes

7. Industry changes and the future of animal health and wellbeing


Meet the guest

Dr. A. J. Tarpoff


     ○ Current: Associate Professor and Beef Extension Veterinarian at Kansas State University


     ○ M.Sc. (Kansas State University)

     ○ D.V.M. (Kansas State University)

     ○ B.Sc. (Kansas State University)