#42 - Optimizing Cattle Nutrition with Forage Management, Dr. Jason Banta

beef podcast Sep 13, 2023

That's my first episode as one of the hosts for The Beef Podcast Show, and to celebrate that, I had an exciting talk with Dr. Jason Banta, an animal nutrition expert. High-quality beef production hinges on proper nutrition and management. Many cow-calf producers rely on forages as their primary nutrient source, demanding effective forage management for optimal herd growth. Dr. Banta emphasizes aligning forage types with the region, maintaining proper stocking rates, and focusing on forage quality, mineral supplementation, and drought management. He also shares valuable insights on raising replacement heifers and recommends a comprehensive mineral supplementation program for herd health.


What you’ll learn:  


  • Analysis of regional forage variation and its importance
  • Impact of drought on feeding forages
  • Mineral analysis in confined cattle context
  • Tips for developing bred heifers
  • Choosing a good mineral supplement

Meet the guest: 

Dr. Jason Banta



  • Current: Associate Professor at Texas A&M University


  • Ph.D., Animal Nutrition (Oklahoma State University)
  • M.Sc, Animal Science (West Texas A&M University)
  • B.Sc., Animal Science (Texas A&M University)