#43 - Innovative Pasture Practices: Embracing Flirt Grazing, Dr. Amanda Grev

beef podcast Sep 20, 2023

Effective pasture management is essential in beef production, being feed costs, particularly supplemental feeds, a major variable expense. Dr. Amanda Grev, a forage extension specialist, joins us in this episode to introduce "Flirts," a creative blend of flocks and herds. Dr. Grev's expertise lies in integrating various species for improved forage and grazing practices. She highlights the benefits of species mixing in pastures, including diverse grazing preferences, increased carrying capacity, and potential parasite management advantages. However, challenges such as fencing and infrastructure must be considered. Dr. Grev's team is also researching on the economic viability of flirt grazing, with early results favoring a combination of perennial and annual forages.


 What you’ll learn:  

  • Strategies to extend the grazing season
  • Productivity period for warm-season annuals
  • Potential impacts of different species and mixtures
  • Importance of rest on your pasture
  • Advantages and challenges of grazing different species together

Meet the guest: 

Dr. Amanda Grev


  • Current: Forage Extension Specialist at the University of Maryland
  • Past: Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


  • Ph.D., Animal Science (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)
  • M.Sc., Animal Science (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • B.Sc., Equine Science and Animal Science (North Dakota State University)

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