#44 - From Labs to Livestock: Understanding Ruminant Nutrition, Dr. Haley Larson

beef podcast Sep 27, 2023

Hello there,

I am delighted to introduce our guest, Dr. Haley Larson – an esteemed Assistant Professor at Kansas State University. In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of ruminant nutrition. Dr. Larson shares her unique experiences and insights on topics such as gaining confidence when stepping into a room of industry professionals, the value of networking, and much more. Uncover hidden career opportunities in the feedlot industry. It was an engaging conversation, filled with thought-provoking moments!


What you’ll learn:

1. Dr. Larson's background and inspiration

2. Importance of undergraduate research exposure

3. In situ versus continuous culture fermentation

4. Advantages of in vitro systems and microbial fermentation

5. How to transition from academia to industry

6. How it is possible to be creative when teaching

7. Ideation and product development


Meet the guest

Haley Larson


     ○ Current: Assistant professor at Kansas State University


     ○ Ph.D., Ruminant Nutrition (University of Minnesota)

     ○ B.Sc., Animal Science (University of Minnesota)


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