#45 - Building branding and business in the beef market, Kara Smith, M.Sc.

beef podcast Oct 04, 2023

Responding to the call of the beef industry, our guest, Kara Smith, has ventured into new territories, leaving no stone unturned and boldly redefining what it means to be involved in the beef business from production to retail marketing. In this episode, Kara provides an in-depth insight into her journey, founding Colorado Craft Beef and inspiring an unconventional and trail-blazing trajectory in this livestock industry. She also shares the journey of tweaking strategies motivated by client needs and teaching the concept of "succeeding unconventionally" within their workspace.


What you’ll learn:

1. Founding a beef business: Colorado Craft Beef

2. The mindset of approaching beef industry as a business

3. Business model of Colorado Craft Beef

4. Food supply during the pandemic and customer trust

5. Challenges and risks in a traditional industry

6. Meat quality and choice

7. Livestock operations 

8. Marketing strategies and approaches


Meet the guest

Kara Smith, M.Sc. 


     ○ Current: Co-founder at Colorado Craft Beef and owner at Double Slash N Enterprises

Past: Assistant Professor at the North Carolina State University



     ○ M.Sc., Animal Science (West Texas A&M University)

     ○ B.Sc., Animal Science (Texas Tech University)


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