#46 - Investigating feed efficiency: the ongoing quest of the beef industry, Dr. Andrew Foote

beef podcast Oct 11, 2023

In today's episode, we zoom into the complex landscape of feed efficiency - a determinant with increasingly significant implications for the sustainability and profitability of the worldwide beef industry. Dr. Andrew Foote offers insightful perspectives on managing nutrition in the beef industry by investigating the uniqueness of different cattle genetics, exploring the geographical locations where herds exist, and tackling animal health challenges. He also discusses his research findings on underlying traits, key drivers of feed efficiency across varying breeds, and the potential strategies to optimize feed efficiency in cattle herds.


What you’ll learn:

     ○ Explanation of the Meat Animal Research Center

     ○ Feed efficiency in various cattle breeds

     ○ Defining and understanding feed efficiency terms

     ○ Nutritional and management strategies to improve feed efficiency

     ○ The role of propionate, oxidation  and regulation of feed intake


Meet the guest

Dr. Andrew Foote 


     ○ Current: Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University

     ○ Past: Research Physiologist at USDA-ARS, US Meat Animal Research Center



     ○ Ph.D., Animal Sciences (University of Kentucky)

     ○ M.Sc., Agriculture, Animal Science (Tarleton State University)

     ○ B.Sc., Animal Science (Tarleton State University)


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